Extensions & Natural Hair

I’ve been dabbling in weaves off and on for many years. I used to beg my mom just to get one or two tracks in for length in high school. Once I got to college, I was getting full weaves when I was transitioning. I found a girl on campus who would do them for $20!! Those were the days. Now, it’s about $250+ for stylists and women at home charge $100+.

Extensions really helped me out while I was transitioning. They gave my hair a rest from the pulling and tugging. The line of demarcation is very weak during transitioning, so this gave me a chance to tuck it away safely.











I have had extensions for the past month and have been doing a great job with them. I typically try to get a texture that mimics my hair texture…but this time I decided to do straight. A little of my own hair is left out, which I straighten only once a week so my hair won’t get damaged. I make sure to not neglect my hair, and I still wash my natural hair by putting a shampoo of choice mixed with water into a bottle with a nozzle attachment. I then put it in between the braids and rub very lightly to get out debris and oil and then rinse it out.

This has been an easy breezy month for me hair-wise. I take care of the hair at night and in the morning I just run a comb through. If you are looking for a protective style while transitioning, you should look into weaves. They have to be done properly though – the braids can’t be too tight and watch those edges. The biggest complaint I’ve seen from women with weaves is that it broke off their edges; the edges are very weak, so don’t let anyone do the braids too tight!