My Natural Offspring!


Salathiel and her beautiful daughter attended and modeled in the Natural hair show. Between them is Vlogger Naturalchic Nikki

After attending the natural hair show in Atlanta, GA last weekend, I fell in love with our youth. There were many adults who were there and natural, but the little girls who were so comfortable with their curls were the ones who caught my eye.  I grew up in the relaxed, straight hair era, where having a fresh perm was golden.  Afros were reserved for older women who no longer wanted to maintain their hair.

The natural hair show was almost like a secret club, little girls and their mamas, with coils, kinks and curls. They were confident and free. The little girls I saw longed for the beautiful healthy hair of the elders all around.  Then it hit me, little girls are truly products of their environment. They associate beauty with their mothers and other women around them. At the natural hair show babies, girls and women all were beautiful. Not by magazine standards but by the standards of their community.  It takes a village to raise a child! The village that was the “Natural Hair Show”  was one that I am glad my daughter is a part of.

  • Salathielong

    Thanks so much for writing the article. I actually went natural because I did not want my daughter to relax get natural curls. Which to me were just perfect. I want her not to define beauty as only an outward look but one that inward with confidence grace and poise in being happy with who you are. So we made a bet. I would no longer relax my hair and she would not start. After 1.5 years we are still strong and celebrating our first Taliah Waajid natural hair show modeling performance.

  • Jgyamfi87

    I love it!!!!

  • Terrunder Dianne Lipscomb

    it was very nice an i didnt no we had so many mens with long, short pretty natural hair. i thought it was a woman thing ,…. it was hott an off the chain an i was shock with all the different styles of natural hair……HATS OFF TO THE NATURAL HAIR!!!!!

  • Jamilailoveme

    Same here I decided to go natural for my girls as well. To teach them that we are beautiful just as the good lord made us.