Are you a hair care expert?

Sofn’free wants to know – are you a hair care expert?

Do you have the secret to shiny, healthy hair? Do you mix products to make your own special recipes? Use them on your wigs or extensions? They want to know!

To enter, just upload a short video (cell phone cameras are OK too!) showing how you use Sofn’free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil or Argan & Olive Oil products to style or care for your hair.

They’ll choose the finalists in each category (Style and Maintenance) for fans to vote on for the grand prize – a $250 gift card to WalMart!

Every entrant gets a FREE Sofn’free GroHealthy prize pack with products and coupons.

Click here to enter before it’s too late! Contest ends Monday, Sept. 10.