Back to school hair

School is back in session for all of the little ones in our lives. From increased traffic to an earlier bed time and let’s not forget our hair. Often we have less time to devote to our biweekly co-washes and trims, so here are some easy tips for maintaining healthy hair with less time.

My daughter Amira on her way to school

  1. Protective styles are your friend. Not only do they save time while getting ready on the daily basis but they also keep your hair from being damaged on the ends especially.
  2. Devote a day to hair care.  This should be done at least weekly to ensure that your hair gets the time and energy it needs
  3. Maintain a healthy diet and drink water. Not only is this good for your body but it will benefit your hair giving it the nutrients that it needs.
  4. Let your hair breathe! Some days it’s good to let your hair down. Keep it free from clips, headbands and ponytail holders!

We are wishing all of our Sofn’free n’pretty girls a fabulous school year!