Diary of the Hair Whisperer

The Hair Whisperer at work

To some people, the ability to hear hair conversing sounds intriguing, and it is.  However, to a Hair Whisperer, it is a blessing and a curse.

Imagine walking by groups of people and having to listen to the cries from heads of hair that have been mistreated and styled against their will — held captive by banana clips, misplaced bobby pins and slathered with grease.  It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Sometimes I’m compelled to stop, introduce myself, and say, “I couldn’t help but overhear your hair.” Once they realize I do know what’s been done to their hair, we have a conversation.

Typically, I depend on the GroHealthy products from Sofn’free to demonstrate how to make their hair happy again.  The milk protein and olive oil formulas of these products work on all hair types: relaxed, transitioning and “straight relaxed” natural hair.  So, one line goes a long way in a series of hair chats.

I start out with the most basic need of hair:  to be clean. Not just clean to the eye, but clean down to the scalp.  Clean is good, but a healthy clean is better by far.  Naturally, I tell them about the sulfate-free moisturizing conditioning shampoo from Sofn’free GroHealthy. It allows a dry scalp to drink deeply from the rich mixture of select olives, milk proteins and essential fatty acids found in Omega 3.

That’s when I see that just starting this conversation with hair owners makes the hair itself start to feel more comfortable.  More times than I can remember, hair has breathed a deep sigh of relief and thanks that it’ll finally get the help it needs.

Sometimes I also often hear anxious, hushed whispers of from the hair saying, “Please tell her about conditioner.”  Without hesitation, I recommend the line’s Really Deep Conditioning Treatment and Leave-In Treatment.  Oh, how the strands dance with delight that this is what they’ll get next.

The hair owners and I often exchange email addresses and Twitter handles, promising postings on Sofn’free’s Facebook wall once they’ve tried the products.

For the times when I walk by happy hair, it’s a different story.  It practically sings to me about how well it is treated:  cleansed, nourished, hydrated and always styled gently.  Those are the strands that shine, while they sing loud and clear.

To find out more about how to make your hair sing, read about Sofn’free GroHealthy products at sofnfree.com.  And stop by Sofn’free’s on social media: Twitter.com/sofnfree and Facebook.com/sofnfree.  I’ll be there to listen.