Meet Will!

Will graduated from the prestigious Pittsburgh Beauty Academy in 1976, becoming a Master Cosmetologist five years later. Afterwards, Will began work in earnest as an educator, embarking on an international career that has taken him to 4
continents. With Masters’ degrees in cutting and color, Will’s career has always been driven by education, science, and art.

Highlighted by technical and artistic competition, Will’s experience has made him uniquely qualified on a wide variety of subjects related to hair and the world we live in. He draws upon over 30 years of experience behind the chair, in front of the class, in the product lab, and traveling the world teaching and learning the art, science and management of haircare.

Having served  as Education Director for 3 international haircare manufacturers, Will is currently Director of Education for M&M Products Company. A frequent contributor to trade magazines as well as television and radio, he is a natural hair enthusiast who is considered to be an expert in all things hair.