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Free products at Sally Beauty!

Did you know that Sofn’free’s sister brand Nothing But has 20 gift cards (for $50 each!) to give away to Sally Beauty Supply? Sally Beauty Supply is carrying their full product line, and they wanted to share the love!

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Sofn’free videos for your hair journey!

Your hair is a part of your journey. Still learning how to care for your relaxed hair, or trying to transition to natural? Sofn’free put together a series of videos for the products and technique to help! Will Williams, the Hair Whisperer himself, helped 6 ladies learn to care for their hair.


Visit their YouTube channel or head to Facebook to see all the videos – don’t forget to “like” them!

Natural Hair MeetUp Day in Brooklyn

Style everywhere at the MeetUp

I celebrated the National Natural Hair MeetUp Day with A Tribe Called Curl at their rooftop event in a trendy part of Brooklyn, inhabited by coffee shops, eateries touting cultural cuisine, and sidewalk cafés. Met at the door by registration, three of our vanilla flavored sisters wondered if this was indeed the place. I tipped my Kangol – “If you are celebrating National Natural Hair Meet Up Day indeed it is.“ Though a more unlikely trio you would not have found, these three ladies proved to be filled with questions, thirsty for knowledge and fueled by failed attempts to capture the curls of their youth and united in their resolve to liberate themselves from the daily task of blow drying and or flat ironing their hair. Needless to say I have three new curly girl friends.

More lovely ladies, including the incomparable Karen with her out-of-this world fro.

This afternoon’s events included several small discussions with groups of 4-5 women. A lot of product knowledge spread around. Across the room my eyes locked and I was transported through a wormhole in the fabric of time – Could it be Tamara Dobson (and I don’t mean the Tamara Dobson post-Cleopatra Jones)? I mean one and the same, frozen in time with That Fro. The sexiest of all fros, from the beginning of time to this very moment a fro unparalleled in its ability to mesmerize any human being.
I extended my hand – “I know you must hear this a hundred times a day” and before I uttered the words she had already said yes, so I kept my Cleopatra Jones reference to myself. Instead I asked her name and she was who I suspected – her pictures do her no justice.  Karen is someone you have to see in person. We were panel mates on the rooftop, and between us we seemed to have solved the problems and answered most questions.

Back to Lewis Avenue and the night was in full swing – I still had a presentation to give and giveaways to distribute.  That was done in grand style amid applause, finger snaps, pictures and promises. At eleven I called it a day well done; I was tired to the core, but enriched to the pinnacle.

Sofn’free n’pretty at Mahogany Babies Seminar – photos

This past weekend, Sofn’free n’pretty supported the Mahogany Babies Seminar in Los Angeles headed by Dr. Kari Williams, tricologist and owner of Mahogany Revolution Salon and Clinic.  Dr. Kari is a natural-hair expert plugged into the industry, and Sofn’free n’pretty was happy to help! They sponsored the event and provided products for giveaways and demonstration.

Dr. Kari Williams, creator of Mahogany Revolution, Mahogany Babies, with a cutie holding Sofn'free n'pretty

Another cutie and Sofn'free n'pretty at Mahogany Babies Seminar

Will visits the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta

Will and Monica Green (so Curly so Kinky so Straight) at the Nothing But booth

Well this has been a month in the life of Will Williams! I ended the month with the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, where Naturalista’s from around the world gathered to make the statement: ” We appreciate our natural textures, celebrate its uniqueness and welcome the differences in it.”

Looking forward to sharing some highlights from my travels – and the videos we just filmed for Nothing But!

My Natural Offspring!


Salathiel and her beautiful daughter attended and modeled in the Natural hair show. Between them is Vlogger Naturalchic Nikki

After attending the natural hair show in Atlanta, GA last weekend, I fell in love with our youth. There were many adults who were there and natural, but the little girls who were so comfortable with their curls were the ones who caught my eye.  I grew up in the relaxed, straight hair era, where having a fresh perm was golden.  Afros were reserved for older women who no longer wanted to maintain their hair.

The natural hair show was almost like a secret club, little girls and their mamas, with coils, kinks and curls. They were confident and free. The little girls I saw longed for the beautiful healthy hair of the elders all around.  Then it hit me, little girls are truly products of their environment. They associate beauty with their mothers and other women around them. At the natural hair show babies, girls and women all were beautiful. Not by magazine standards but by the standards of their community.  It takes a village to raise a child! The village that was the “Natural Hair Show”  was one that I am glad my daughter is a part of.

It’s swim time!

Image via

I loooovveee going swimming and it’s just about that time again. I have two thngs going on though – 1) I have a blonde-ish hair color and 2) my hair tangles easy. I have to prepare for swimming just as anyone should!! You have to be prepared for the water and the sun!

So what should you do? I know you want to just jump in the pool but that’s not a good idea. Prepare your hair. You should coat your hair with conditioner before jumping in the pool. If you have colored hair, you may want to use a product that is specific to your hair color; otherwise you can use any moisturizing conditioner.

From there if you have hair that tangles easily, I would suggest putting your hair in a couple of braids and then pinning them in an updo (I know it’s not cute, but your hair will thank you later!). Keeping the hair in a managed hairstyle will help you when you are done. You can also opt for a swim cap (even more not cute unfortunately) that will get the job done of protecting your hair from the water. From my experience, swim caps generally don’t really keep your hair dry but do cut down on the amount of water that gets on your hair.

Either way, after you’re done taking a dip, rinse your hair immediately. You want to get all of the chlorine or salt out of your hair with shampoo and you want to condition properly. This is great if you don’t swim a lot. If you swim a lot, you may want to try some protective styles like twists or braids with or without extensions. This will save the headache of having to continuously detangle. With braids or twists, you should still take the same steps but with less work.

Happy Swimming!

Extensions & Natural Hair

I’ve been dabbling in weaves off and on for many years. I used to beg my mom just to get one or two tracks in for length in high school. Once I got to college, I was getting full weaves when I was transitioning. I found a girl on campus who would do them for $20!! Those were the days. Now, it’s about $250+ for stylists and women at home charge $100+.

Extensions really helped me out while I was transitioning. They gave my hair a rest from the pulling and tugging. The line of demarcation is very weak during transitioning, so this gave me a chance to tuck it away safely.











I have had extensions for the past month and have been doing a great job with them. I typically try to get a texture that mimics my hair texture…but this time I decided to do straight. A little of my own hair is left out, which I straighten only once a week so my hair won’t get damaged. I make sure to not neglect my hair, and I still wash my natural hair by putting a shampoo of choice mixed with water into a bottle with a nozzle attachment. I then put it in between the braids and rub very lightly to get out debris and oil and then rinse it out.

This has been an easy breezy month for me hair-wise. I take care of the hair at night and in the morning I just run a comb through. If you are looking for a protective style while transitioning, you should look into weaves. They have to be done properly though – the braids can’t be too tight and watch those edges. The biggest complaint I’ve seen from women with weaves is that it broke off their edges; the edges are very weak, so don’t let anyone do the braids too tight!


To relax your daughter’s hair, or not?

Jada after her hair was straightened, before her recital.

I am a firm believer that you never miss what you don’t have, which is the main reason I decided I would never relax my daughter Jada’s hair. Her curls are beautiful, natural – and most importantly virgin. She has never had a relaxer and her hair has only been straightened a handful of times. However sometimes it is difficult to explain to others that her hair doesn’t need to be straightened, chemically or otherwise!

The first time Jada got her hair straightened was for her recital when she was only 3 years old. It was mandatory for her to wear her hair, half up and half down.(How unfair). We were only one of 5 african american families in her dance studio, so only few felt our pain. The five mothers all complained about the style but nothing changed. Why the standard bun wasn’t used is beyond me. All I know is that I spent 2 hours washing, combing an flat ironing my baby’s hair. All to appease a group of people that I pay to help me.The irony.

Back to the curls for Jada!

After it was all said and done, Jada’s hair was in the correct style and she turned and looked in the mirror in horror. She wanted her “puffy” hair back. She didn’t like the straight her and I was relieved yet horrified. What did I do to my child and why didn’t I stand my ground? Will she always want it straight? Will she not be able to dance? My mind raced and she made it through the entire dance number. After that moment, I decided that it is never neccesary or appropriate to feel forced into changing her hair texture. Now she is 6 years old, she rocks the “afro puffs” and sometimes a ”twist out”. We only straighten for an occasional length check. She appreciates her hair, one more year and she will be the age I was when I recieved my first relaxer. I am determined not to repeat the chemical cycle.

Getting healthy from within

Adding lemon or other fruit gives water some extra flavor, so it's easier to drink more during the day!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your hair? I think we all do! We love it when our curls are poppin’, bouncy, nice and shiny….and then when curls are dull and limp, not so much. You know how it is when you have your good hair days!! We should make sure we have AMAZING hair days everyday!

Amazing hair days start with healthy hair. Let’s forget about length for now and focus on health. (The length will come when you and your hair are healthy.) Did you realize hair health starts from within? Make sure you exercise at least 3 days a week and eat healthy. This will help in your process, however hard to believe that may be. Exercising, eating healthy, and drinking water are great for your body, your mind – and your hair!

Massaging your scalp promotes hair growth because you are stimulating blood flow. Massage your favorite oils into your scalp every week (maybe when you’re just sitting around watching your favorite reality show).

These tips take almost no time, and you will end up with a head full of beautiful hair!

What are you doing to promote healthy hair?