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Who are the bloggers of Happier Hair Days? Read below to find out!

Lexi started off as a Natural Hair Vlogger on Youtube and decided to start her own blog 2 years ago. She does product reviews, celebrity and celebrity stylist interviews, and much more. Check out her blog at!

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A recognized hair-care expert and Master Cosmetologist, Will has styled practically every type and texture of natural hair. If you ask Will, he’ll still say his favorite thing to do is talk one-on-one with the person sitting in his chair. From wild manes of glossy, defined curls to stunningly simple TWAs (Teenie Weenie Afros), Will has never met a curl he didn’t like.

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Pop culture, fashion and hair keep Miesha on her toes and in the know. Between the latest styles, trends and tools there is plenty of hair talk to be had. Being a hip, working mother on the go, she is always trying to save a dime and time, all while maximizing the look!

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Miss Tress 
taps her Beauty-PR mindset and overall girliness to talk about hair happenings with all sorts of beauties who don curly heads, straight strands and precious young wisps.

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