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Hair Fitness at Bronner Bros.

Grand prize winner Linette Battle (image courtesy of UnitedHealthcare)

The Bronner Brothers show is a huge draw for many reasons, but we had to give a shoutout to Linette Battle of Palm Beach, Florida. She won the grand prize in the 3rd annual “Hair Fitness” competition, which promotes styles that “facilitate healthy and fit African American women.” The contest, sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, included 50 showstopping competitors – all striving to create hairstyles that were easy to maintain that could help their clients make daily exercise less high-maintenance.

Stylists were judged on technical execution, originality, suitability and head contour, and new ideas. Contest categories included: low-impact workout (little to no sweat and requires only one shampoo/condition per week); moderate-impact workout (modest sweat and requires 1-2 shampoo and conditions per week); and high-impact (profuse sweating and requires 2-3 shampoo/conditions per week).

Keep up the great work ladies!

Learn more about the competition and winners here.

Superwoman finds her swag

There is a constant battle to between being fit, looking good and having fun. Being fit makes you look good and sometimes having fun is not the most ideal way to look good.

They say you are supposed to drink half your body weight in water. This is already a lot for someone who likes her water in ice cubes only.  Working out is cool, but then my hair is another battle. What about the days when I am too tired? Between working and being a mother who has time for themselves?  Other than super woman of course.

“If it is important you will make time, if it is not you will make excuses.”

After a million excuses and a little whining I walked into the gym and the trainer told me a quote.  “If it is important you will make time, if it is not you will make excuses.”  I decided that it is time out for excuses. After that day at the gym, I made a note with that faithful quote and stuck it to my bathroom mirror. Now every other evening as the sun is going down I run the 3 flights of stairs that are in my building. Up and down 20 times. Typically I am drenched in sweat and barely able to walk.  I drink my water in an oversized water bottle and I let my daughter take her chalk and draw pictures while she waits on me.

My summertime swag is fully activated and I realized that I am in fact super woman.  Cheers to a little Mommy Motivation!

Getting healthy from within

Adding lemon or other fruit gives water some extra flavor, so it's easier to drink more during the day!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your hair? I think we all do! We love it when our curls are poppin’, bouncy, nice and shiny….and then when curls are dull and limp, not so much. You know how it is when you have your good hair days!! We should make sure we have AMAZING hair days everyday!

Amazing hair days start with healthy hair. Let’s forget about length for now and focus on health. (The length will come when you and your hair are healthy.) Did you realize hair health starts from within? Make sure you exercise at least 3 days a week and eat healthy. This will help in your process, however hard to believe that may be. Exercising, eating healthy, and drinking water are great for your body, your mind – and your hair!

Massaging your scalp promotes hair growth because you are stimulating blood flow. Massage your favorite oils into your scalp every week (maybe when you’re just sitting around watching your favorite reality show).

These tips take almost no time, and you will end up with a head full of beautiful hair!

What are you doing to promote healthy hair?