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Naturally Judged?

There are a few things about me that are not secrets; I am natural, I straighten my hair and I don’t care. Although I never considered the fact that straightening my hair makes me less natural, I found out after a trip to the beauty salon it does! At least to some people.

Living in Atlanta has its pros and cons. The largest con if you a woman with natural hair is the humidity. Some days upon stepping outside I can feel my hair swell up. If you are natural you know the  feeling. You immediately know that whatever ”look” you perfected in your bathroom mirror is no longer cute.

Being that this is my second natural summer, I had a game plan. I got a sew-in! Which in fact saved my look and hair. I only have a small part of my hair out and the virgin hair doesn’t go crazy when I step outside. After a recent trip to the hair salon to get my extensions washed and straightened, I ran into an old natural hair friend.  The first thing she says to me is, “Oh so you aren’t natural anymore?” I was shocked – I told her I was. She proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to wear my hair straight, I should have kept my relaxer.

So ladies I ask you this, where is the “So you want to be NATURAL” rule book? Why am I less natural because I can appreciate a good straightening from time to time? Why does everything have to be a competition? We need to support each other on this natural hair journey. My hair is just as healthy as the next naturalista and I like to be versatile. So I said it before and I will say it again.

There are a few things about me that are not secrets; I am natural, I straighten my hair and I don’t care.

Superwoman finds her swag

There is a constant battle to between being fit, looking good and having fun. Being fit makes you look good and sometimes having fun is not the most ideal way to look good.

They say you are supposed to drink half your body weight in water. This is already a lot for someone who likes her water in ice cubes only.  Working out is cool, but then my hair is another battle. What about the days when I am too tired? Between working and being a mother who has time for themselves?  Other than super woman of course.

“If it is important you will make time, if it is not you will make excuses.”

After a million excuses and a little whining I walked into the gym and the trainer told me a quote.  “If it is important you will make time, if it is not you will make excuses.”  I decided that it is time out for excuses. After that day at the gym, I made a note with that faithful quote and stuck it to my bathroom mirror. Now every other evening as the sun is going down I run the 3 flights of stairs that are in my building. Up and down 20 times. Typically I am drenched in sweat and barely able to walk.  I drink my water in an oversized water bottle and I let my daughter take her chalk and draw pictures while she waits on me.

My summertime swag is fully activated and I realized that I am in fact super woman.  Cheers to a little Mommy Motivation!

It’s swim time!

Image via naturalandfab.com

I loooovveee going swimming and it’s just about that time again. I have two thngs going on though – 1) I have a blonde-ish hair color and 2) my hair tangles easy. I have to prepare for swimming just as anyone should!! You have to be prepared for the water and the sun!

So what should you do? I know you want to just jump in the pool but that’s not a good idea. Prepare your hair. You should coat your hair with conditioner before jumping in the pool. If you have colored hair, you may want to use a product that is specific to your hair color; otherwise you can use any moisturizing conditioner.

From there if you have hair that tangles easily, I would suggest putting your hair in a couple of braids and then pinning them in an updo (I know it’s not cute, but your hair will thank you later!). Keeping the hair in a managed hairstyle will help you when you are done. You can also opt for a swim cap (even more not cute unfortunately) that will get the job done of protecting your hair from the water. From my experience, swim caps generally don’t really keep your hair dry but do cut down on the amount of water that gets on your hair.

Either way, after you’re done taking a dip, rinse your hair immediately. You want to get all of the chlorine or salt out of your hair with shampoo and you want to condition properly. This is great if you don’t swim a lot. If you swim a lot, you may want to try some protective styles like twists or braids with or without extensions. This will save the headache of having to continuously detangle. With braids or twists, you should still take the same steps but with less work.

Happy Swimming!